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The Liberty, Missouri, wrongful death attorneys at Aramjoo Law Firm, Personal Injury Lawyers can represent you if you have lost a loved one. We handle claims resulting from accidents, negligence, intentional acts, and more. Contact us for your consultation.

Losing a loved one is a time of unimaginable grief and uncertainty. It can be hard to know where to turn. The Aramjoo team of wrongful death lawyers represents families in Liberty, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.

When you’re injured and don’t know what to do… Call Aramjoo. We are skilled and compassionate professionals dedicated to helping families seek compensation after losing a loved one.

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Experienced Representation in Wrongful Death Cases

Our lawyers can investigate the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death. It may be possible to file a lawsuit to recover financial compensation. It can’t bring your loved one back, but it can give you justice and the financial resources you depend on.

We are experienced lawyers handling wrongful death claims. We invite you to see how we can help you and what you may stand to recover in your case.

Bringing a wrongful death claim

The basis for a wrongful death claim may be any of the following:

  • Negligence: unreasonable, dangerous behavior
  • Recklessness: showing an indifference to the safety of others
  • Intentional misconduct: when someone hurts someone else on purpose
  • Medical negligence:  medical care falling below professional standards
  • Strict liability: applicable in claims involving dangerous products

When a wrongful death occurs, it may not be clear who is at fault. Even if liability is clear, the other side probably isn’t going to admit that they did anything wrong. Our lawyers work to prove who is at fault. We don’t allow the defense to shift responsibility to try and avoid paying compensation. You can expect our law firm to thoroughly pursue your case and prove your right to compensation.

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Claim in Missouri?

Missouri law determines who can benefit from a wrongful death claim. Individuals who may qualify to bring a claim are:

  • Husband or wife (spouse)
  • Children
  • Parents
  • If children are deceased, grandchildren
  • Siblings or their descendants, if there are no other survivors

If the victim has no surviving family, the court may appoint a plaintiff ad litem.

Our lawyers want to fully pursue your legal rights. If you are any of these in relation to the deceased, our law firm can represent you. Contact us for a consultation about your standing to bring a claim and learn more about the case.

If you have lost a loved one, help is just a phone call away. Call (816) 578-8229 to talk to our team of compassionate and professional legal professionals.

Serving Wrongful Death Victims in Liberty, MO

The Aramjoo Law Firm wrongful death lawyers provide complete representation for relatives of victims who are killed by the actions of others. Some ways we serve you include:

  • Preparation of all legal documents
  • Representing you in court
  • The investigation and determination of legal fault
  • Gathering evidence
  • Negotiating for you
  • Creating your case strategy
  • Answering your questions and explaining the case

It’s our goal to fully represent your legal interests in court. At the same time, we know that great legal representation means communicating with you. We communicate directly with you throughout your case. It’s always important to us to have your input. By providing you with honest and informed guidance, you can make decisions as the case progresses and truly know that the legal system is working for you.

Compensation in Wrongful Death Claims

The losses in a wrongful death claim differ from those in other injury claims. The suffering is severe. The compensation that you receive should reflect that. The amount that you claim may include:

  • Funeral costs
  • Burial expenses
  • Final medical bills and expenses
  • Lost earnings from work
  • Pain and suffering of the victim before death
  • Lost services, companionship, and comfort
  • Guidance, counsel, training, and support that the loved one would have provided
  • Value of services if the victim provided care to a dependent

To receive compensation, each category must be identified and proven. As part of our work on your behalf, we look at the types of losses you have. We identify what evidence is needed to prove your right to compensation.

Is a wrongful death claim the same as a criminal homicide case?

A wrongful death claim is not the same thing as a criminal homicide case. Some wrongful death claims are based on homicide. However, a wrongful death claim may also be based on an accident.

Things to know about wrongful death claims and how they compare to criminal homicide:

  • The victim’s family initiates a wrongful death claim, a prosecutor does not have to file charges
  • Different burdens of proof apply – a wrongful death claim may be easier to prove
  • Family bringing the wrongful death claim may choose the lawyer to represent them
  • In a wrongful death claim, the family bringing the case controls the process of building and presenting the case
  • There may be both criminal charges and a wrongful death claim
  • Criminal cases focus on jail time and other penalties for the defendant; a wrongful death claim focuses on compensation for the victim’s family

A wrongful death claim is about justice for the victim and their family, putting the family in control of the case. Ask our lawyers to explain the differences and how a wrongful death claim can help you.

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