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Helping bicycle accident victims in Liberty, Missouri

Bicycles are recreation and transportation. When you go for a ride, you never expect to be in an accident. Unfortunately, an event that takes a fraction of a second to unfold can impact you for years to come.

Whether you are a serious or casual biker, you have important legal rights. Our lawyers believe that protecting the rights of bicyclists is important for our entire community. We work diligently to pursue your rights. Our law firm understands the laws for bicycle accidents, and we’re passionate about helping victims.

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Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

As an accident victim, you may receive compensation for any of the following common bicycle accident injuries:

  • Brain damage, concussion, traumatic brain injury
  • Skull fracture
  • Broken bones, including arms, legs, ribs, and pelvis
  • Road rash
  • Whiplash
  • Internal organ damage
  • Bruising
  • Mental health injuries including anxiety, PTSD, and flashbacks
  • Scars, disfigurement

Understanding your injuries and having medical proof are essential to any bicycle accident claim. Our lawyers can guide you through the process of building this medical information as part of your case.

Do I have a bicycle accident claim?

A bicycle accident claim is usually based on negligence. Drivers know that bicyclists may be present on the roads. They need to pay attention to notice them and respect their rights. To have a bicycle accident claim, you must prove the following:

  1. The driver had a legal duty. Usually, this isn’t hard to prove. All motorists have a legal duty to be careful when it comes to bikers on the road.
  2. The driver breached their duty. Breach of duty depends on the specific situation. A simple traffic error like speeding, disobeying a traffic signal, or turning while you are in a crosswalk can amount to a breach of duty.
  3. An accident occurred. The driver’s negligence must cause the accident.
  4. Damages resulted. If you have physical injuries that require medical attention, you may have a bicycle accident claim.

To receive bicycle accident compensation, you must prove each of these elements. Our lawyers ensure that your claim is complete and that your damages are valued fairly.

Causes of bicycle accidents

Common causes of bicycle accidents are:

  • A driver entering a crosswalk while a bicyclist is in the path
  • Trying to pass a bicyclist when there isn’t room to do so safely
  • Not leaving enough room on the shoulder for a bicyclist
  • Driving too fast in poor lighting or at twilight and not seeing a bicyclist
  • Failing to stop behind a crosswalk
  • Turning in front of a bicyclist
  • Being impatient when a bicyclist is in front of a driver
  • Not respecting bicycle lanes and designated spaces for bicyclists
  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance that causes brake failure

The unfortunate truth is that many motorists do not respect bicyclists. Other times, a driver may have good intentions but fail to use reasonable care, given that cyclists may be on the road. Either way, when a driver causes an accident through negligence, they may owe the victim compensation.

Legal Representation for Bicycle Accident Victims

Too often, victims are deserving of compensation, but they don’t have the representation they need to exercise their legal rights. Ashley and Paemon Aramjoo were voted most likely to start a law firm when they were still in school. That’s because they knew early on that they wanted to use their legal skills to help the community.

The legal duo decided to open their law firm in Liberty, Missouri, to address this problem. The law firm focuses on helping individuals when they have accidents and other legal issues. Client-focused representation means diligent communication throughout the case. They are proud to give back to the community by representing the interests of bike accident victims against powerful insurance companies and corporations.

Through the years, our community has come to rely on us for experienced legal representation in their time of need. Highlights of our law firm include:

✔ The resources you need for your bicycle accident claim

✔ Experience in the courtroom. We are trial lawyers, pursuing your case as long as it takes

✔ Personalized valuation of your case and an explanation of what may impact the value of the case

✔ Answers to your questions and open communication

✔ Free consultations for all accident victims

✔ Consultations in our offices, at home, or in the hospital

✔ Full-service representation that includes preparation of documents and representation at hearings

There are many steps involved in getting justice for a bicycle accident claim. It isn’t enough to report an accident to the insurance company. You need detailed medical evidence and carefully prepared legal documents.

We are ready to pursue your case thoroughly. Also, it’s our goal to work efficiently and minimize the burden of the legal system. With our experience, we know what to do to build your case and what mistakes people often make. Our Liberty, Missouri, bike accident lawyers are ready to enthusiastically

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