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Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims in Liberty, Missouri

Aramjoo Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers serves people in the Liberty area. Vigorously representing the interests of our clients, we have a passion for helping individuals exercise their legal rights.

If the actions of others have hurt you, you may have a personal injury claim. It can be challenging for victims to know if they have a case, what the case is worth, and where to begin. Our law firm can give you the legal representation to address your needs and fight for your rights.

When you’re injured and don’t know what to do, call Aramjoo!

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Experienced Legal Representation for Accidents and Other Injuries

Our Liberty, Missouri, personal injury lawyers have helped people just like you. An accident can change your life. It’s up to you how you respond to it. Experienced legal representation can help you receive the compensation you deserve. It can give you justice and the resources you need following an injury.

The Aramjoo Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers are proud to give back to our community by providing the skilled legal representation victims need. 

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Personal Injury Claims in Missouri

A personal injury claim is the process of the victim pursuing compensation for an injury.

What is personal injury?

A personal injury is when someone is hurt because of the actions of others. It’s usually not an intentional injury, but it can be on purpose. Most of the time, a personal injury is an injury that occurs because someone else is negligent.

What does it mean to have a personal injury claim?

To have a personal injury claim means that someone else is legally liable for your injury and damages. When there is legal liability because of causing the accident, the victim has the right to seek financial compensation from the responsible party. The personal injury claim is the legal process for claiming the payment.

What is a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer represents someone who is in a personal injury accident. Our law firm represents plaintiffs. That means we are Liberty personal injury lawyers who represent individuals and families who are victims suffering injury or wrongful death. We are trained and skilled advocates ready to pursue your interests.

Examples of personal injury claims

  • A driver runs a red light, and an accident occurs
  • Pedestrians suffer injury when a motor vehicle turns while they are lawfully in a crosswalk
  • A shop leaves a spill on the ground for too long, and someone slips and falls
  • Chemical leaks cause a person to develop health problems
  • Product malfunction causes a person to suffer an injury
  • An animal attack hurts a victim
  • A machine malfunctions, causing it to strike and injure a person
  • Intentional assault results in harm to a victim

All personal injury claims have three important aspects – legal liability, injury, and damages.

Legal liability

First, someone must be legally at fault for what happened. Usually, that means negligence or failing to act in a way that is reasonable for the situation. However, negligence is not required in situations where strict liability applies. Recklessness and intentional misconduct may also be the basis of a claim.


The victim must have suffered an injury to have a personal injury claim. It must be because of the actions of the party responsible.


Damages are the losses that the victim sustains. The end result of a personal injury claim is that the victim gets paid for their damages. 

There is no one-size-fits-all amount of compensation for a particular injury. There are many different categories of losses that can be compensated. Amounts vary based on the medical bills, lost income, physical suffering, emotional anguish, and other losses of the victim.

Personal Injury Compensation and Settlements

To receive compensation for a personal injury, you must bring a claim. That doesn’t always mean taking your case to trial – most cases never have a full trial in a courtroom. Our lawyers evaluate the situation and pursue the best course of action on your behalf. We may negotiate your settlement with the insurance company or file a legal action. In all cases, we thoroughly build the evidence to pursue the proper resolution for you, whether taking your case to trial or pursuing a non-trial resolution through a settlement.

How can a personal injury lawyer help you?

As personal injury lawyers, we assist and represent you through every aspect of the case. We know how challenging it is to make sense of legalities while you’re healing from injury. Some ways we can help you are:

  • Investigating to determine if you have a personal injury claim
  • Determining what happened to cause the injury
  • Finding out who has legal fault and what standards of fault apply
  • Proving your case; building the evidence, even when witnesses are reluctant
  • Evaluating what the case is worth, what factors may impact the value of the case and what you need to do to maximize your compensation
  • Drafting a summons and complaint to start your case, and preparing other court documents
  • Preparing your legal strategy, discussing various options with you
  • Gathering records, using legal procedures to gather information from the defense and other witnesses
  • Minimizing the hassle of the legal system for you while we handle your claim
  • Answering your questions and explaining everything
  • Going to court for you and with you, speaking to the court and conducting hearings
  • Talking to the insurance company, negotiating your settlement, if appropriate

There are many things to do in a personal injury claim. Going to court is an important part of every case, but the preparation starts long before your court date. Each case needs thorough preparation and a carefully developed strategy. At Aramjoo Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, we are prepared to be your personal injury lawyer team in Liberty, who handles your case from start to finish.

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