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Liberty Personal Injury Lawyers

We may not know exactly what you’re going through, but we know what it’s like to go through tough times. When you have someone in your corner that knows how to navigate your situation, things get a lot easier. Let us be there for you so you can focus on your recovery.

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Liberty, MO

Aramjoo Law Firm

Aramjoo Law Firm is a family-owned law firm based in Liberty, MO and Kansas City, MO that focuses on helping people in the Liberty and Kansas City area who were injured by someone else’s negligence. Whether you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, we are here to help guide you through the process and fight to obtain you the compensation you deserve.

Areas of Practice

Car Accident

Car Accidents

Whatever the situation, being in a car crash can upset your life in an instant. Compensation for car crash victims should reflect their personal losses...

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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. Even at relatively low speeds, the victim may suffer a significant injury...

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Truck Icon

Truck Accidents

Because of their large size, trucks are responsible for a large share of traffic injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately for victims, injuries can be painful and life-changing...

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Dog Icon

Dog Bites

Our dog bite lawyers represent adults and children who are victims of dog bites. Our professionals evaluate the long-term needs of the victim and how to pursue their interests...

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Bicycle Accidents

The unfortunate truth is that many motorists do not respect bicyclists. Other times, a driver may have good intentions but fail to use reasonable care, given that cyclists may be on the road...

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Premises Liability

Premises liability accidents can produce serious injuries. You deserve compensation that fairly reflects your losses. Damages may be compensatory, paying you for actual, tangible financial losses...

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Our Case Process
Step 1

Free Consultation

Meet with our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation. We will discuss your situation and review your legal options. There is no fee for meeting with us, and everything will remain confidential. In fact, you don’t owe us anything unless we are successful in obtaining a settlement for you.

Step 2

Sign Agreement

When you decide to work with Aramjoo Law Firm, you will sign an agreement with us that allows us to represent you. Once we notify the insurance company that you are being represented by an attorney, they can no longer harass you. They have to deal with us first.

Step 3

Treatment & Discovery

While you focus on making the maximum possible medical recovery, we will be hard at work obtaining your medical records, calculating all your damages including; but not limited to, medical bills, missed wages, loss of enjoyment, and pain and suffering.

Step 4


We will compile all of the information obtained in the discovery phase to craft a settlement demand for the insurance company.

Step 5


Often the insurance company will not want to settle the claim for our initial demand amount. They will attempt to negotiate with us to resolve your claim. Each offer they send to us will be discussed with you, and it is up to you to accept it or reject it. It is always our goal to obtain you as much compensation as is legally allowed in your situation.

Step 6

Settlement or Lawsuit

Either we settle your claim with the insurance company, and you obtain compensation, or we will proceed to filing a lawsuit against the insurance company. This will start a litigation process that will involve mediation, depositions, and potentially going to court to try the case in front of a jury. We prepare all of our claims as if they will end up going to trial, so the insurance company understands that we mean business.


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Get started on the path to recovery from your injury by getting a free consultation today. You can have your consultation via telephone, via zoom, or even in person. During your consultation, we will discuss your situation and review your legal options. Everything we discuss in your consultation will remain confidential.

There is absolutely no fee for meeting with us, and you don’t owe us anything unless we are successful in obtaining a settlement for you. 

Liberty, MO Personal Injury Lawyers

We are Aramjoo Law Firm. We are personal injury lawyers serving Liberty.

Aramjoo Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers is a family-owned law firm. We are family, and we treat each client like family.

You need personal injury lawyers who will go further to understand your needs. We created our law firm to help people in Liberty, Missouri. If you have been hurt by the actions of others, you may deserve financial compensation. We are here to help you get it and to make sure that you are treated fairly in the legal system.

See how we focus on the legal aspects while you focus on getting better. Start today with your free consultation.

We Focus on You, You Focus on Your Recovery

Being a personal injury victim isn’t easy. Your life changes instantly in a way that you didn’t ask for. You have physical injuries. You may have financial hardship. It may be impossible to work. What you need is justice.

Here’s how we focus on you while you focus on your recovery:

  • Personal injury cases handled in Liberty, MO, and the surrounding areas
  • Free consultations
  • No up-front fees required
  • Victims and families represented
  • A wide range of personal injury claims handled
  • Cases of all types are welcome – whether your situation is simple or complex, you deserve justice
  • Friendly and professional team members here to serve your needs

To learn more about our personal injury legal team, contact us. Talk to our friendly team about your situation. We’re taking new cases now.

Types of Cases Our Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Car accidents

If someone else causes a car accident, they should compensate you. We know what to do to claim your payment.

Pedestrian accidents

Not all car accident victims are in vehicles. Pedestrians deserve fair compensation, too.

Uber/Lyft accidents

There are special steps when an accident claim involves Uber or Lyft. Our team knows how to handle rideshare claims.

Motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle accident victims deserve to be treated fairly in the legal system. We protect your rights.

Truck accidents

Trucking accidents often involve significant injuries, losses, and suffering. Let our team work to maximize your compensation.

Bicyclist injuries

Whether you are a competitive or recreational rider, serious bicyclist accident injuries deserve serious compensation.

Bus accidents

It’s important to investigate all the circumstances surrounding a bus accident. Our personal injury legal team knows what to look for.

Premises liability

Dangerous property conditions can lead to serious injuries and a premises liability case. Victims may seek compensation.

Dog bites

Dog bites can cause broken bones, tissue damage, and mobility impairment. You may qualify for a payment.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is healthcare that falls below acceptable professional standards. You may seek a monetary award and accountability for those involved.

Wrongful death

When a personal injury results in wrongful death, the surviving family is left to grieve. A legal claim can honor your loved one and help survivors when they need it most.

Personal Injury FAQs

What do you mean by personal injury?

A personal injury is a physical injury that is someone else’s fault. It may be because of negligent actions or based on a failure to act. A personal injury is a physical harm that is the legal fault of another.

Do you get compensation for a personal injury?

A victim may receive compensation for a personal injury accident. A party who has legal fault may be liable to pay damages.

The best way to know if you can receive compensation is to have a consultation with our lawyers about your specific situation.

How do I know if I have a personal injury?

You may have a personal injury if someone else acted negligently or wrongfully, an accident occurred, and you have injuries as a result.

It’s a little bit more complicated than that – the legal standards vary, and negligence isn’t always required, for example, when a person is hurt by a dangerous product. If you’ve been hurt, and it may be someone else’s fault, or you’re simply unsure, we invite you to talk to us to evaluate your options.

Does an injury have to be severe to seek personal injury compensation?

If your injuries are bad enough that you received medical attention from a healthcare professional, it is worth talking to our lawyers about your case.

What is the time limit for claiming personal injury?

Missouri Code § 516.120 imposes a general five-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases. However, there are some important exceptions.

Don’t assume that it’s too late, contact us right away.

How do you make a personal injury claim?

To make a personal injury claim, you usually file documents in court. Sometimes, you can negotiate directly with an insurance company, but a case doesn’t formally begin until there is an official court filing.

Even if the insurance company says they want to settle, you need a lawyer! Ask us if you’re getting the settlement you deserve.

How is compensation calculated for pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering is based on the degree of anguish associated with an injury. The more serious, harmful, and disruptive the injury, the higher the award. The calculation begins with an evaluation of medical bills, economic losses, and the personal impact on the life of the victim.

What is a personal injury settlement?

A personal injury settlement is a voluntary agreement to resolve a personal injury case. When both parties agree on the terms and the amount, a settlement fully resolves a personal injury case.

Our lawyers pursue your case in full. Whether or not a settlement is right for you depends on the circumstances. We can never guarantee how a case will resolve, but we will always work to protect your legal rights and interests.

Wherever you are in or around the Liberty, MO area, our law firm may assist you. We are proud to help injured residents and visitors of our community.

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