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COVID-19 Update

How is COVID-19 affecting the legal community? As the situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold, we are …

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Can a cop search my car?

Once in a while as you drive down the road you see a cop completely submerged in a vehicle. The …

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Jury Service

A family member received a letter in the mail recently that requested her presence for jury service. While she had …

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cop putting ticket on car

Amend or Not Amend?

We receive a number of traffic ticket amendment requests. The question has been asked what the benefit to amending a …

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Who Brings Charges?

A conversation brought to light some confusion surrounding criminal charges. Often times the question is asked, “Would you like to …

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parents fighting over child

Mom V. Dad: Who Will Be Awarded Custody?

There is a common misconception that mom’s are the preferred parent when it comes to awarding custody. In Missouri, the …

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Five Reasons You Should Have an Estate Plan

Often times discussing a person’s estate can be difficult. Whether it is because of a busy life or a sad …

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sad child while parents argue

Custody v. Guardianship

There are two types of court actions involving the care of a minor child – a custody action and a …

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