How To Establish Paternity In A Child Support Case

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Having your name on a child’s birth certificate does not automatically designate specific rights as the child’s biological father. This means you will not have clarity as to your rights, such as child custody and visitation until you establish those rights through a paternity action.

Going through the legal processes can be challenging, tiring, and time-consuming if you lack legal expertise. In this case, it is ideal to work with an experienced family lawyer such as Aramjoo Law Firm LLC is ideal for legal advice and guidance.

How to Establish Paternity

The child’s father can file a petition in court to establish paternity. The Missouri Family Support Division can also file a petition on a parent’s behalf. After filing the petition, the non-custodial parent will get paperwork and must respond by filing an answer within 30 days.

The father must establish that he is the biological parent of the child. This can happen through a mutual agreement between the parents, DNA, or other means. If the parents decide to establish paternity voluntarily, the child’s father can do the following:

  • Sign and file an affidavit indicating that he is the child’s father.
  • Indicate his name on the child’s birth certificate.
  • Request the child’s mother to sign and submit a written affidavit to the court.
  • Have the child visit him in his home and handle the child as his biological child.

Parents can decide to sign and submit an acknowledgment of paternity form to the court to designate the child’s father. The parents will have to sign the form at the hospital where the child was born.

If your name as the child’s father doesn’t appear on the child’s birth certificate, you can still use the acknowledgment of paternity form signed by both parents. Contact Aramjoo Law Firm LLC for legal guidance and advice.

What to Do When There Is No Agreement Between Parents

Sometimes, the parents may disagree about the child’s parents. In this case, the parents will have to opt for DNA testing. Failure to submit the results to the court may result in penalties.

It should also be clear the person responsible for the DNA testing costs. A family lawyer can help in case of a contest regarding the outcome of the medical tests. Contact us today to speak to our legal practitioners for help.

Reasons to Establish Paternity Test

There are many reasons a parent will consider establishing the paternity of a child. One of the main reasons is to be part of the child’s well-being and share responsibilities as parents. This helps you raise responsible children with minimal issues in the future.

Establishing paternity also allows the child to know their rightful parents and get the benefits that both parents offer, such as insurance, social security, medical, inheritance, and other relevant benefits.

Establishing paternity also helps in ensuring that the child gets enough monetary support from both parents. It is all about the child’s overall well-being to have a comfortable life in the future. If you experience challenges along the way, speak to Aramjoo Law Firm LLC to help you through the processes of establishing paternity.

Consult a Missouri Family Law Attorney

Working with an experienced family attorney can help you handle paternity issues seamlessly. Do you have any questions concerning filing a paternity case? We can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.


What do I do if my child’s mother refuses to acknowledge paternity?

You can speak to a family attorney to help you file an action in court. The court may order DNA testing and establish paternity legally.

What if my husband is not the biological father of my child?

There are some cases in which a petition for designation of non-paternity may need to be filed.

When can I establish paternity after the birth of my child?

You can file a paternity action at any time after the birth of the child.

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