Paemon Aramjoo


Paemon Aramjoo


Since 2014 Paemon Aramjoo has committed his life to founding Aramjoo Law Firm. In addition to his work as a partner at the firm, Paemon is currently the Assistant County Counselor for Clay County, handling various probate matters, and serving as an arbitrator for the Clay County Office of Dispute Resolution.

In law school, Paemon spent most of his days interning for the Prosecutor’s Office. In court he often saw lawyer’s who did not know their client’s names, much less their client’s goals. Aspiring to help those that never received answers, Paemon committed to creating a firm where communication is a priority. Aramjoo Law Firm works to make connections with clients and put their needs before the convenience of the team. Today, listening to clients’ questions and concerns is a fundamental value for Paemon and his team at Aramjoo Law Firm.

In 2015 Paemon took on a case that left an everlasting impression on his work. After spending countless hours on a criminal case involving abusive head trauma, it was evident that Paemon’s work involves more than just documents and court dates, it impacts families and communities. This case was impactful to Paemon because it was apparent that criminal charges change clients’ lives, not only while the case is open, but also as that person’s life goes on.

Because of the everlasting impact this line of work leaves on its clients, Paemon’s motto is to always be advocating, educating, and empowering clients. Paemon brings these foundational elements to the firm every day.

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