Ashley Aramjoo


Ashley Aramjoo


With an innate set of skills for managing a firm, Ashley Aramjoo (formerly Ashley Draper) is a founding partner at Aramjoo Law Firm. At her core she is driven, passionate, and deliberate with her decisions.

Ashley founded Aramjoo Law Firm in hopes of illustrating how standard processes and interactions can be refined and advanced in comparison to other law firms. The purpose of Ashley’s law career is to create a place where lives can be improved upon, and a world where everyone has access to someone who can represent them in their time of need.

For Ashley, her most moving experiences in law have been seeing families deal with abuse and neglect cases. It is clear how her success in defending children that undergo complex and alarming situations can affect that child’s parents, friends, grandparents, and community members. Motivated to ensure that her client is safe for their sake, as well as for the sake of the community standing by them, Ashley Aramjoo is extremely dedicated to her clients.

In the office, she values attention to detail in her work and has the ability to maintain an elevated level of performance in high intensity situations. Accuracy and precision is necessary for any means of achievement in law. By displaying thoroughness in all of her cases, Ashley produces that achievement for her clients. Prefer Ashley over the general lawyer because of her ability to strive for perfection.

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