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Recently we had the honor of returning to one of our law school classes to speak on the topic of owning a law firm and marketing. We were joined by Adam Krause and Robert Kinsman of https://krauseandkinsman.com/ as well as by Chris Brown of https://venturelegalkc.com. We are always excited for the chance to speak and participate at events and welcome invitations.

As the presentation continued I noticed a theme develop. The theme was something like this – It will be hard, there will be struggles and you will make it.

As I reflected on this throughout the night and into the next morning I realized that this theme carries over into many other areas of life. This has been especially true this year.

This year has had no shortages of being hard. The difficulty of having to stay away from loved ones for the long term goal of flattening the curve, the unpredictability of not knowing what’s next and the mixed directions of what to do has all been hard. Not knowing the economic result of what the virus will do to businesses, seeing the strife society has faced with its history and current affairs and having to learn what has become a new normal has all been a struggle.

What is important to keep in mind is that we will make it through. Keep your chin up and push forward.

Our firm deals with many areas of law that are emotional and life changing. What we have found to be true is that life is going to be a ride. Hold on, be patient, and be hopeful. Soon you will be on the other end as a stronger and better person.

As the Olympic sprinter Wilma Glodean Rudolph stated, “Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle.”

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