Sandy Doores

Paralegal / Office Manager

Excited to work and collaborate with all, Sandy has a special place at Aramjoo Law Firm. Sandy is responsible for overseeing administrative duties of the office, including: billing, corresponding with clients, as well as drafting and filing pleadings. Sandy graduated from Penn Valley with an Associates in Applied Sciences. She also graduated at Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.

Because of her desire to collaborate with her respected co-workers in an effort to please clients, Sandy is Aramjoo Law Firm’s office manager and paralegal. Before joining the firm, Sandy worked as a paralegal and office manager for twenty-six years.

Sandy makes great strides to instill confidence in Aramjoo Law Firm’s clients. Facing insecurity and vulnerability during a complex divorce and infidelity case, Sandy’s client was uncertain in finding someone to represent her. Sandy exhibited the core values of the firm when discussing the needs of the client. She would do everything on the case, and make sure there was nothing to worry about. This case is most impactful to Sandy because of its illustration of the unique bond between Sandy and the clients of the law firm, as well as the trust she instills within every client.

When Sandy is not at the office she enjoys horseback riding as well as attending her son’s baseball games.

From day to day Sandy works to ensure client satisfaction. She knows that her work is impactful to many, and therefore leaves no task unfinished.