Cerylean Jones


Cerylean Jones


Pairing grit with kindness, Cerylean leverages her qualities to be successful at work. As a paralegal at Aramjoo Law Firm her responsibilities include drafting legal documents, maintaining deadlines, managing the discovery process, and corresponding with clients. In addition to working as a paralegal, Cerylean is also involved in a non-profit, Sword and Shield, an organization that focuses on prevention of human trafficking. Cerylean is a Fort Osage High School graduate. In May of 2021, she graduated from Penn Valley with her Associates in Applied Sciences.

Because Aramjoo Law Firm is effective in creating a helpful environment for clients, Cerylean knew this was the place for her. Immediately the firm’s atmosphere included qualities required for one to learn and grow within a team. Cerylean’s colleagues have provided her the materials needed to be successful, and for that she is forever grateful.

At Aramjoo Law Firm, Cerylean had her first adoption go through. She worked tirelessly on drafting and calibrating everything needed in order to place a child in a safe home. Cerylean knew from the first day of working on the case that her time and effort would act as the cohesive help required to bring a family together. The day that she found out her clients received everything they asked for she was overjoyed.

When not at the office, Cerylean enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family.

Cerylean values the individual matters of all. She brings authenticity with her everyday to work and prioritizes personalized communication with each client. Unafraid to pick up the phone and be straightforward in getting the job done, Cerylean is praised for her hard work.

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