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Aramjoo Law Firm LLC provides juvenile defense to individuals in the LibertyKansas City, and surrounding areas.

As with criminal matters, it is important to contact a juvenile attorney as soon as possible. Juvenile courts may take a number of actions regarding individuals under the age of seventeen. Apart from abuse and neglect actions, a juvenile may face actions relating to delinquent acts or status offenses.

Put simply, a delinquent allegation may occur if a child has allegedly violated an ordinance or state law. The child may be brought before a juvenile court in the county in which they reside or where the alleged act occurred.

A juvenile may additionally face allegations of committing a status offense. A status offense allegation may occur where a juvenile has participated in an activity that is injurious to the welfare of the child. This include failing to attend school or curfew violations.

While procedurally juvenile matters have similarities to adult criminal matters, there are also distinctions between the two. It is important to have an attorney who is familiar with the juvenile court system and can help guide an individual through the process.

The attorneys at the Aramjoo Law Firm, are familiar with the juvenile court and can provide insight and advice along the way to help reduce the inherit stress of the process. Contact us today!

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