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What is an expungement?

An expungement is a way to rid or seal a past arrest, plea, trial, or conviction.

Someone may want to have a past criminal activity expunged for a number of reasons including but not limited to regaining the ability to conceal and carry or to prevent information from being found on a background check. While an expungement can be a great legal tool to “erase” a past incident, they are limited. Missouri has recently broadly expanded the expungement statute. Offenses that previously were not able to be expunged may now be able to be expunged.

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In order for an expungement to be granted, the necessary time period must have passed as well. The time period will be measured from either any sentence of imprisonment or any period of probation or parole.

In order for an expungement to be filed, a form must be filled out and a filing fee must be paid. An attorney can be helpful in filing for an expungement because if it is not done properly, the court will dismiss the petition and the applicant will not be able to file again for a year.

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