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No one ever thinks that they’re going to need a divorce lawyer. Sadly, all too many of us do find ourselves hiring one. Calling an experienced divorce firm like Aramjoo Law Firm can make the difference in your case and how long your divorce takes to be resolved. Let us help you.

What You Need to Know about Divorce in Kansas City, MO

Missouri is a no-fault state. That means that proving fault on the side of either party is not necessary to file for divorce. However, you must prove that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Simply put you need to prove that you can’t fix your marriage. If the court determines that the marriage is not irretrievably broken, they will instead grant a legal separation.

What Can I Do if My Spouse Doesn’t Want a Divorce?

If your spouse doesn’t want the divorce, you must have proof of one of the following:

  • They committed adultery
  • Their behavior makes it impossible to live together
  • Your spouse abandoned you for a minimum of six consecutive months prior to filing for divorce
  • You and your spouse agreed to separate and have been separated for 12 consecutive months
  • You and your spouse have been separated for 24 months without mutual agreement

Why You Should Never Go Through a Divorce Without Your Own Divorce Attorney

Going through divorce is daunting, some may say it’s overwhelming. Not to mention that it’s a very emotionally charged time. It’s important that you understand the state laws and statutes in addition to knowing the best course of action to take for your particular situation. You want to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive a fair settlement. Without attorney representation, you could be at a disadvantage and walk away with an unfair deal. Don’t take that chance!

At Aramjoo Law Firm, our experienced divorce attorneys have the answers to your questions including:

  • Will you receive or pay alimony or maintenance?
  • Will you have to pay child support?
  • What is considered marital property?
  • Is my divorce considered contested or uncontested?
  • How much will my divorce cost?

Because ever marriage and divorce is different, we can’t answer these without first learning about your situation.

Divorce Through Mediation

Divorce is stressful, and tensions run high. As each party fights through their divorce lawyer, things could escalate coming to an impasse and ultimately ending up in front of a judge who will determine your fate and the fate of your children. However, there are alternative options. One of these alternatives is mediation. A mediation consists of both parties and a mediator. The mediator works on behalf of both sides to neutralize any disagreements and offer an experienced opinion on how best to reach an agreement.

This may be done through one or more than one session and allows the parties to solidify a mutual agreement outside of court without incurring attorney fees. However, if an agreement is reached, then parties utilize their divorce lawyer to finalize and file the paperwork with the court. If mediation sounds like a good option for you, contact us today. We handle divorce through mediation at Aramjoo Law Firm.

Collaborative Divorce

A second alternative to leaving your fate in the hands of a judge is collaborative divorce. With this alternative, both parties hire their own collaborative attorney. Both parties work with their own divorce attorney, and if warranted, additional professionals can be brought in to assist with the collaboration process. If at the end of the process the parties are still unable to come to an agreement, their attorneys must withdraw from the case, and trial attorneys would have to be hired to take the case in front of the judge. Is the collaborative alternative the best option for you?  At Aramjoo Law Firm, we pride ourselves in advocating for our clients. We can help you with a collaborative divorce or if your collaboration failed, we’re ready to stand with you at trial.

We Will Work to Get You Fair Spousal & Child Support

In addition to handling the details of property and asset distribution, we will also work to ensure that the spousal and child support settlement is fair. Whether you’re seeking either or know you have to pay one or the other, we’ll help ensure that everything is properly accounted for. Call Aramjoo Law Firm today at (816) 479-5898  for your confidential consultation or fill out our contact form and one of our team members will call you.

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