Roadmap to Divorce

Aramjoo Law Firm strives to educate, empower and advocate. Please provide the brief information below to be taken to our roadmap to divorce.

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Aramjoo Law Firm LLC provides divorce representation to individuals in the Liberty, Kansas City and, surrounding areas.

A divorce (known as dissolution of marriage in Missouri) is one of the hardest decisions and experiences someone can go through. We understand the difficulties associated with a divorce and are capable of assisting clients in getting through this difficult transition.

A divorce can be a complicated process. We recognize that there are both emotional aspects and legal aspects involved when getting a divorce.

A divorce requires a finding that the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken. A divorce not only terminates the marriage between the parties but will also involve many other issues, including but not limited to, how to divide property and debts, determinations regarding custody and/or visitation if there are minor children, and whether support should be paid, either for a spouse or for a child.

If agreements cannot be reached regarding these issues, the decision will have to made by the court. Each case is specifically dealt with in its own accord as each marriage and therefore each divorce is unique to the parties involved. We have experience in collaborative divorce, mediation, settlement negotiations and trial.

Ashley Aramjoo and Paemon Aramjoo take pride in their unique ability to advocate for their clients in times of need. Contact us to set up a consultation and see if we are the right attorney for your legal needs.