Desiree Walden-Chastain


With prior experience as a social worker assisting the homeless and at-risk youth in the community, Desiree has a unique skillset in resolving family challenges. Desiree graduated from the University of Missouri—Kansas City with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy and later went on to earn her Master’s in Public Administration. Desiree obtained her law degree in 2017 from the University of Missouri—Kansas City School of Law. While at UMKC, Desiree was Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Honor Recipient, studied International Family Law abroad in the United Kingdom, and published articles relating to family law.

Desiree is committed to Aramjoo Law Firm because of her desire to assist families through difficult decisions. Desiree’s strives to help families navigate the legal system, ensuring that their voices are heard. Her background in litigation serves families well when they reach trial on key issues impacting their families.

A case that changed Desiree occurred when she worked as an Attorney for the Juvenile Officer, prosecuting abuse and neglect cases. During a severe abuse trial, she navigated complex legal issues involving expert testimony from law enforcement, doctors, and more in order to protect the best interest of the child and provide the family an opportunity for rehabilitation. In this role, Desiree gained extensive litigation experience, including multi-day trials, that required her to strategically present evidence in order to protect Jackson County’s Children.

Ultimately, Desiree believes that every person deserves resolution to family problems, including a fair day in Court.